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Our web site will eventually be linked to our EBAY Store, but for now
you can enjoy our categories of various merchandise.  If you desire an
item prior to our marketing please feel free to contact us.
It is imperative that our customers check the application of a
part, review photos and illustrations, as well as understanding
the description, condition and pricing prior to any purchase.  
Every effort has been made on our end to ensure a correct
listing of application, style and type, but, It is the sole
responsibility of the purchaser to perform the accurate research
necessary to apply any item we offer to their needs.  
             Welcome to

If your shopping for Auto parts, Race Car parts, or just your run
of the mill variety of STUFF...your at the right site.  
We are currently offering but not limited to:
Automotive NEW or USED American or Foreign parts,
Motorsport RACING parts or MUSCLE car parts, including
electronics, hardcore racing parts and hard to find original
muscle car replacement parts and lots of other stuff.
1984-1991 Original NEW BMW Parts.
1984-1991 USED BMW Parts.
Ford Parts New & Used.
Race Car Parts
Take a look at some of the
STUFF we dug out of
storage so far:
NOTE:  Our New BMW Parts are original
Manufacturered BMW Parts, we have had
in stock since circa 1984.
These are the ORIGINAL parts purchased
around 1984 thru 1991,  and they have
been sitting on a shelf since the original
purchase.  These are not remanufactured
or aftermarket etc...               
      These are the REAL DEAL!!!
We know this is unusual, but it's true.